Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition
No. 10, Vol. 1, Vernal Equinox 2006


by J.S. Kupperman

Welcome to issue number 10, the final issue of volume one of the Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition. This issue of the Journal delves into the oft mysterious and dark topic of the grimoires; those books of magical rituals for doing everything from consecrating talismans to evoking demons and other divers spirits. In this issue we present to you three articles on the subject. First is an article by Aaron J. Leitch, author of a recently published book on grimoires (see the review by our own Samuel Scarborough!). This article shows connections between the grimoires and new religious movements such as Voudon and Santaria. Second is an article on a "lesser" Solomonic grimoire, the Grimoirium Verum, by Samuel Scarborough. Last, though not least, is an overview of the influences of grimoires on three famous historical occultists, written by one of our own editors, Alex Sumner.

The next issue of the Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition, number 11, volume two, will be on the occult revival of the 1700s. Thanks to everyone who made the first volume possible and here is looking forward to many more in the future!