Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition
No.5. Vol. 1, Autumnal Equinox 2003

The Mystere of the Christos Magus
by John the Aurigan of Tain
Ordained Abbot of Saratoga

Sigilim Dei; Emeth
copyright 2003 J.S. Kupperman

The Art of the Operation:
1. The Adoration of the Bath-Enochian Purification of the Magus (Opening)

2. The Concretion of the Holy Tools of the Art

3. The Binding of the Infernal Witness (Vassago)(Goetia)

4. The Angelic First Dignification of the Magus

5. The Communion of the Archangels

6. The Dignification of the Holy Table of the Art

7. The Baptism of the Sigillium Dei

8. The Cleansing of the First Encohian Tablet

9. The Enochian Invocation: 1, 2, 7, 14, 3, Aether Lil

10. The Casting of the Sigillium Dei into the Furnace

11. The Evocation to Apperance of the Enochian Hierarchy

12. Secret Holy Names

13. The Great Kings

14. The Seniors

15. The Kerubic Archangels

16. The Servient Angels

17. Daemonic Rulers (Binding Sigil)

18. Cacodaemons (Binding Sigil)

19. Governors

20. The Second Holy Dignification of the Magus (Three Steles of Seth)

21. The Building of the Temple

22. The Construction of the Holy of Holies

23. The Evocation to Apperance of the Heptarchic choir

24. Third Divine Dignification of the Magus

25. The Evocation of the Christos Magus

26. The Mystere of the Grail

27. The Adoration and Rapture of the Mage

28. The Heptarchic Exhortation

29. The Enochian Exhortation

30. The License to Depart

31. The Closing of the Temple

32. The Binding of the seal of the truth to the Infernal Witness

33. The License to Depart

34. The Perfumery of the Temple

35. Endus

The Description of the Operation:
I John the Aurigan of Tain, Ordained Abbott of Saratoga, an Orthodox Enochian Hermetic Cleric. Do consecrate this operation to the great work.

In the 1st Hour of the Twelfth Night of the First Christmas of the Second Resurrection.
Did I, John a humble servant and vessel of the most high, having received the Gnosis of Seth and the Sword of the Archangel, commit the Mystere of the Christos Magus.

I vibrated the Lords prayer and did consecrate the adoration of the Bath of the Magus, perfumed with Lemon and Eucalyptus. Thus I am purified to perform the Art.

In the Second Hour of the Operation did I consecrate the Holy Tools of the Art,

The Table of the Operation, Draped in Pure Linen.

The Great Enochian Tablet, Cedar Painted with Gold Foil (24X24)

Four Incensers inscribed with the Secret Holy Names (3in d.)

The Sigillivm DEI; aEMaETH:. (4 inch, Inscribed Bees Wax (Alchemial Gold Painted)

The Furnace of Abednigo (6 inch Dia. Brass w/Flume)

The Chalice of Blood, Gold (1 Cup Red Wine)

The Chalice of Water, Silver (1 Cup Holy Water)

The Chalice of Union, Crystal

The Plate of the Covenant (Bread)

The Sword of Michael

The Lamen of the ROSY+CROSS

Three Steles of Seth

The Triangle of the Art (Traditional Solomonic)

Binding Sigil of Truth (4 inch, Inscribed Red Wax with Black Ink)

The Sigil of Vassago ( 4 inch, in Black Wax with Silver Ink)

The Binding Sigil of Obedience 2 (2 inch Blue Wax with Gold Ink)

…And did I meditate of the Mystere of the Christos Magus

In the third Hour, did I Open the Temple in Tradition and Bind the Infernal Witness with the tools of the art and placed the spirit outside of the circle of the operation. This done, I purified my will with prayer and cast the circle of the operation eight feet around the Holy Table with the sword of Michael.

I then placed the Lamen of the ROSY+CROSS around my neck, I vibrated the Enochian Bornless Opening, while circumambulating The Holy Table, lighting the 4 incensers placed at the corner of the Enochian Tablet and I made the Evoking sign of the Enterer at the four cardinal points.

I then Invoked the Archangels of the Four Corners of the Earth, and did pass the Chalice of Water over the incenser and very gently vibrate " Oh Deo Magdalen Ahhh." This is the mystere of the angelic communion of the Holy Spirit. The First Dignification.

This completed the Dignification of the Holy Table. I then used the holy water to anoint and baptize the Sigillium and the Great Enochian Tablet. I then circled the Holy Table in the direction of the sun and vibrated in phonetic Enochian the 1, 2, 7, 14, 3, and the Call of the Aether (Lil)., I then placed the Furnace of Abednigo in the center of the Great Enochian Tablet, upon the Holy Table.

Using a Cedar twig I lit the furnace. I then evoked the Enochian Angelic Hierarchy by name to appearance in the Furnace, I then placed the Sigillium in the Furnace and vibrated the three Steles of Seth and they did appear in choirs and humilities. This is the Second Dignification.

I commanded them to construct the Temple of Solomon, in this did I direct them, I bound the Daemonic Rulers and Cacodaemons with the binding Sigil of Obedience to Draft and Dray. To The Great Kings, The Holy of Holies, The Seniors and the Kerubic Archangels, The Great Tabernacle, The Servient Angels, the Great Courtyard, I then Evoked the Heptarchic Choir to apperance in the temple, and the sound vibrated into the heavens. I then partook of the Corpus Christi and vibrated: KETERTETRGRAMMATON! This is the Third Divine Dignification.

I then Vibrated " Adam Kadmon rohhesh Jesu Christos" and the Holy Ghost of the Christ, The Christos Magus entered into the Holy of Holies, I then poured the blood into the Chalice of Union and contemplated the mystere of the Father, I then poured the Holy Water into the Chalice of Union and Vibrated " AMEN" I then beheld the Revivified Blood, The Water of Life. I drank from the Chalice of Union and The Veil Parted into the Holy of Holies and I then entered into the Carnity of the presence of the Christos Magus in Kether. The Ecstasy can only be experienced. The Veil Closed upon my Humanity.

I then exhorted the Heptarchic Choir in the Great Work.
I then exhorted the Enochian Hierarchy in the Great Work.

I gave them the license to depart and taking the Sigil of the Infernal Witness out of the temple. I bound the Seal of Truth Triumphant to Vassago and gave the license to depart. I then closed the temple in tradition.

I then Perfumed the Temple with Sage and contemplated the Mysteres I had been shown.

This is the First of Three Great Mysteres, And the only real short-cut across the Abyss
I have found…. Contemplate this in your Humanity, Oh Magus!