Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition
No. 14, Vol. 2. Vernal Equinox 2008

Judgment Seals

by David Harrington

1. Fall of Saint Michael's
After seven years and seven months and seven days that colossal Cathedral of Saint Michael's was built. And I saw the pilgrims of faith flocking by the thousands to that Holy City which deceives the whole world with its greed and with its power and with its wealth.

From out of every nation they were called. By land and by sea and by air they came forth to worship and celebrate in its splendor.

And they joined together in prayer along with their king and all his bishops and cardinals, and with all their scholars, until the Holy City swelled with the sound of their vain repetitions.

And God was angered, and all of heaven with Him. And I heard a loud voice say, "Woe unto the so-called well learned leaders of faith, who call themselves apostles and ministers of God, and are not. But do lie and deceive the people and drag my children away from the truth. And brainwash them, making them to believe in their false doctrines and twisted dogmas, with faith borne out of ignorance and fear. Woe unto you, O cursed impostors, for you shall receive your rewards!"

And I looked and saw that mighty mountain Vesuvius[1] bellow to life and erupt with vengeance. And there was a great earthquake, fire and brimstone.

And after three days and three nights that colossal Cathedral of Saint Michael's came toppling to the ground. And many pilgrims of faith and innocent people were crushed under its enormous weight.

And no more were the sounds of pipes or bells heard in the Holy City. And I watched in horror as the people were sent running and screaming into the streets. And I was stunned and amazed, for that Holy City which deceives the whole world was left in shambles.

And I was angered at God for all the widespread destruction He had wrought upon the Holy City. And I heard a voice from heaven like thunder answer and say,

"You are angry with me because of my great wrath?"

And I shuddered with exceeding fear and answered, "What's need be, O Lord, according to your Will." But from this time on I abstained any more from questioning the Lord about His Judgments.

2. Gospel Preaching Gypsies
And when he had broken open the second Judgment Seal, I saw tens of thousands of gypsy caravans migrating out of the West. And they went about in bands, traveling from town to town and village to village preaching the Holy Gospel of Jesus saying, "You are not unlike that old fox Herod murdering innocent children as you do."

And they preached with fiery tongues in this manner, upholding strong opposition against the murdering of unborn children saying, "The Lord of heaven and earth is wroth because what He has created and blessed with His own hands you put asunder and destroy with your wicked designs. Therefore, repent quickly or else great judgment will befall you all!

"Even the Queen of Angels, that lovely and divine Empress of Heaven, has she not visited all your countries and appeared to all your children?"

But the people soon grew tired of the gypsies and plotted to do away with them once and for all. And I saw them gather by the multitudes at that sacred shrine where they venerate the martyrs and encompass the gypsy's camp.

Then at nightfall, I watched them descend upon the gypsies like bloodhounds, who were breaking bread and sipping wine, and had formerly given up many of their old customs and superstitions and kept the Commandments of Christ.
And many cast their silver and gold and precious jewels into the fire as a testimony of their faith: For the Spirit of the Lord was upon them all and they were filled with the Holy Ghost.

So they sent scouts up ahead to meet with the leaders of the people to try and settle their indifferences saying, "The sins of the world are raging like a fire on high! 'But vengeance is mine', saith the Lord."

But the people were outraged with the gypsies and stoned the scouts to death. And they stormed the shrine with whips and and torches and went rampaging throughout the gypsys' camp, lighting their tents ablaze, overturning wagons, desecrating the Host and killing mercilessly.

And I watched in sheer horror as young gypsy maidens were brutally violated by the hundreds. And many were bound and dragged away captive into that great city whose church shall be destroyed by the invading army from the West.
And they were tortured with fire and cast like vagrants into prison to die. And some managed to escape and fled into the nearby hills. But the rest were roasted like pigs over beds of hot burning coals.

And the Lord was furious with the people. And there proceeded fire down from heaven and devoured them up.

3. Agents of Hell
After these things were finished, I saw the Agents of Hell disguised as little children and as apostles that were set loose upon the world. And they went about from door to door like packs of ravenous wolves devouring up the little children.
And up from out of the pit there crept foul spirits like snakes, whose number is unto all of man's vain superstitions: The spirits of devils working great miracles inso to pit man against man and against his God.

The spirits of demons and of graven images, idols and false gods unforgotten, whom every nation has worshipped since the beginning of the world. And have caused countless denominations, indifferences and divisions among the people.
And having great wings like dragons, these dreadful spirit creatures followed them like shadows into every house. And the very altar of God was corrupted because of them.

But behold! Down from the Holy Mountain there came a glorious sight: Dragonslayers accompanied with the angels of heaven. Mighty warriors of great strength and valor.

Now to each one was given a sharp lance and shields bearing the Holy Cross of Jesus. And they were commanded by God to slay the dragons that had laid hold of the earth.

And looking up to the heavens, I saw two mighty angels holding up the Big and Little Dippers.

And when the Word was given, one of the angels tipped the Big Dipper and out poured hot oils over the multitudes. And many were scalded to death because of this terrible plague. And I was sore afraid because of it.

Then when the Word was given, the other angel tipped the Little Dipper and there was a spectacular miracle: A magnificent star fell to the earth and the remainder of the wicked vanished away with their offspring. And the name of this magnificent star is called "HONEYWINE".



[1] Vesuvius - should be interpreted figuratively as representative to any large active volcano in the proximity of a major city.