Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition
No. 14, Vol. 2. Vernal Equinox 2008

Description of Other Works

The end of Randolph’s 1874 Eulis! gives this “partial list” of his works. A more thorough, though less colorful, list of Randolph’s published and unpublished writings may be found in John Patrick Deveney’s 1997 Paschal Beverly Randoph: A Nineteenth Century Black American spiritualist, Rosicrucian, and Sex Magician.




PRE-ADAMITE MAN. Seventh edition. Demonstrating the existence of the Human Race upon this earth 100,000 years ago. $1.50. Postage, 20 cents.

“A remarkable book.” “We hail this shot from the Fort of Truth! Shows that men built cities 35,000 years ago! . . . Extra valuable volume.” “Great grasp of thought! . . . Proves Adam was not the first man, nor anything like it! . . . . Engrossingly interesting.”

“The literary and philosophical triumph of the century, written by one of that century’s most remarkable men.”


AFTER DEATH; OR DISEMBODIED MAN. Sixth and enlarged edition; with notice of the author. $2.00. Postage, 24 cents.

“No modern work ever created such astonishment and surprise, especially among Ministers and Theologians.”

“This new work is, by far, the most important and thrilling that has yet fallen from the author’s pen, inasmuch as it discusses questions, concerning our state and doings after death, that heretofore have been wholly untouched, and, perhaps, would have been for years had not this bold thinker dared to grapple with them. For instance, do we eat, drink, dress, sleep, love, marry, beget our kind, after death? These and many other most astounding and thrillingly interesting subjects are thoroughly treated in this very remarkable volume.”

“No other living man could have penned such a work as this. The immortal tenth chapter, concerning sex after death, is alone worth a hundred ordinary books.”



This is unquestionably the most important monograph on Mediumship ever yet published in any country on the globe.

How to obtain the Phenomena in all its Phases. Conglomerate Mediumship. New and Startling Doctrine of Mixed Identities. A hand-book of White Magic. Explicit forms for all Phases of Cabalistic, Incantatory, and Thaumaturgic Science and Practice.


White Magic an actual fact. Identification of the dead. Conditions essential to their reappearance. Essentials of Mediumship and Clairvoyance. Blonde and Brunette Media. Curious reasons. A vast discovery of inestimable importance. Conglomerate Circles. The YU-YANG. Psychic Force. Medial Aura. Spanning the Gulf of Eternity! Electric People. To get the Phenomena when alone. Odyllic Insulation. To form a splendid Circle. Double Circles and new arrangements of the sitters. MATERIALIZATION OF SPIRITS, and how to bring it about! The Phantom hand of Toledo. The Spirit-room. MACHINERY ESSENTIAL TO PHYSICAL MANIFESTATIONS! AN ASTOUNDING IDEA — ATRILISM! Mergement of Identities — A dead one walks, talks, eats, drinks, and does what it chooses while occupying another’s body, while the latter’s soul is quiescent, and consciousness and identity wholly last! — a most momentous problem, of enormous importance to every Physician, Judge, Juror, Minister, husband, wife, in short, to every human being. It is the most astounding thought yet. evolved — as it accounts for much heretofore wholly unaccountable.

PART II. — How to Mesmerize. Clairvoyance. Psychometry — their differences. The Eastern Mystery of obtaining Seership. The Mystical Mirror — in a drop of common ink. The Breath-Power. An Arab Secret. Magnetic Spells. “VOO-DOOISM” Black Magic. Price, postpaid, 6o cents per copy.




CHAPTER I. — Love, Wealth, Power, — a mighty Lesson. The two Sphinxes: Woman, Fascination. True and False Love, — their lines of difference. Some very peculiar ideas about women. Female nature superior to male, and why. Test of a genuine Love. Passion-love. Curious notions of Noyes, Smith, Swedenborg, and some spiritualistic affinitists on love, — and bad ones, — some of them. “Women suffer less and are more cruel in love matters than men.” Is it true? If so, why? Signs of a false love and a true one.

CHAP. II. — The one great human want is love. Why? Happiness impossible without a love to crown life. Women worse off than men. She must have love or die! Men satisfied with Passion, but women never! Why? Magnetic attraction. Physical aspects of Love. Its celestial chemistry, — a grand secret and hint to every woman, and lover, and husband, too, — not to be neglected. One of Love’s Hidden Mysteries, and a wonderful one. Conditions of Love. Why we are not loved. Divorce Sharpers. “Passional Attraction.” The Miser on the Desert. A Wonderful Dream. Why a Seduced Wife can never be happy with her Seducer. The Laws of Amatory Passioné.

CHAP. III. — Strange Love-origin of crime, — curious. Why a loved wife can never be Seduced. No wife who is loved can ever be led astray. Why no husband can prevent her going aside unless be does love her. A hint for Husbands,— and a terrible fact. A fallacy exploded. Marks of Love,— THE MYSTERY OF MYSTERIES! How wives are slain; how husbands make them false! Seduction by condolence! New readings of old words. The quietus of Anti-Marriageists. Whoever cannot weep is Lost! Why Libertinage can never satisfy or pay. The death-blow to “Free Love.” The Home argument! A Love Pang worse than triple death. Jealousy. From Parent to Child. Theories of Soul-origin. A curious thing about Parentage. A Strange Mystery of Fatherhood. Secret and Mysterious cause of Adultery.

CHAP. IV. — Necessity of returned Love. Who wins a body loses; who wins a soul wins ALL!! a strange, but mighty rule of Love! The Vermicular Philosophers. Why Free Lovers always come to grief! The 11th and 12th Commandments. Passional dangers of Eating-houses! “The long and short of it.” Moments of very strange, wonderful, and mystic beauty in all women. The mystery of Vampirism, — a terrible revelation! Picture of a love-laden woman. True Womanhood, and its counterfeit. A true woman’s Love. Men cannot call out love; but can kill it quickly. Why? The three things essential to call out woman’s love!!

CHAP. V. — A strange, weird Power of the human soul. The sunbursts of Love in the heart-reft and lonely! The Solar Law of Love. A Vampire. The Better “Something.” The Bridal Hour, and the fearful “afterwards.” An unsuspected, terrible counterfeit of Love. Legend of the Wandering Jew, and Herodias, his mate. “Circles.” “Sorosis,” and the Circean Sisterhood. Protection from Vampire Life leeches. How these are created by Parents not loving each other. SinguIar fact and a Plea for the fallen woman. Actual Vampirism, a case described. Spider- women. Kidney troubles indicate Love troubles also. The triple form of Love, — a new revelation. The kind of Love that sets us crazy! LOVE TIDES! Proof of Love-adaptedness. Love and, Friendship, — the difference. Eternal Affinityism dissected. A grand Love-Truth.

CHAP. VI — New definitions of Marriage, — Love a fluid ÆTHER!! Origin of Vampire Life, how they destroy plant and animal life. Why loving wives and husbands fall. A Test. Genius, Love, and Passion go together. Why? The Genius-producing Law. The Law of Social Joy. A chapter full of redemptive counsel for those wrecked on Love’s storm-lashed rocks. Vivat!

CHAP. VII. — Love’s Chemistry, — very curious, but very true. Love’s double nature. Magnetic, Electric, and Nervous base of the grand Passion! Law of Tidal Love. The Poison flow. Attraction of Passion. Chills and Fevers of true Affection! IMMORTALIZATION. Difference between male and female existence. Strange. What a woman never forgets or forgives. To Husbands and Lovers. Words never to be forgotten by either.

CHAP. VIII. — Goodness alone is Power. Brain versus Heart! Knowledge is strength, not power! Head versus Heart Women. Grooves, Moods, Phases of Love. How Love requires but one second to change to deadly Hatred. A Mystery. Isabella of Spain, and Marfori, her lover. How the Franco-Prussian War resulted from their loving. Singular fact about a woman’s Magic Photographic power. Darwin of the “Monkey-origin of Man” on trial. His acquittal. A Hint to Parents.

CHAP. IX. —Why women are ill, but should not be. Confectionery and Love. Drugged Candy. An unsuspected rock on which lovers are wrecked. Mental Sex, not physical, is what men love most. About woman’s dress, as Love creators. A mistake about women which most men make. Another word for the “Strange Woman.” Why women complain, and why wives die early! Extremes: Shakerism — Freeism. Caution to all.

CHAP. X. — Divorce: Hereditary Bias. The Love-cure. An Old Friend in a New Dress. Why boy-babies are kissed more than girl infants. Why girl-babies reverse the business after the second year. Camp-meeting and Ball-room Loves. Another Mystery. People who are Love-starved. The Affection-Congress, — the Conductor, the Train, the Passengers, and the Arrival. A splendid series of FACTS FOR THE MARRIED.

CHAP. XI. — A New Discovery in Love, and a great one too! To a husband! To a Lover! Jealousy exists without Love! Love may exist without Jealousy. Gems of rare truth. How to recover when Love-exhausted. Beginning of Souls. Why Fœticide, at any stage, is worse than adult Murder! Freezing of Affection. The Sad Story of a Heart! What a man said about it. A Persian Poets plea for “Free Love.” Its Refutation. Rome before the Caesars.

CHAP. XII. —“ The age of Brass.” Why Mutilates cannot Love! Why a Woman recognizes Genuine Manhood. “The Origin of Evil.” “Organic” Love. Why no Man can respect a “Mistress.” Why a “Mistress” CANNOT BE HAPPY! Something concerning Wedded Life, very seldom thought of.

CHAP. XIII. — A Piece of a Man! Wife versus “Kept Miss.” Selecting Partners: the bad rule and the good one. Pre-nuptial Familiarities. Marie and her “Husband!” Keep cool. How a wife bore a Christ-like Infant! Amativeness, tame and wild, — their effects. Eternal Affinity is infernal nonsense! Why? A novel idea of how Eternity may be Passed. An idea of a new and better method of divorce. “Complex Marriage” in Heaven, — a curious notion. Why Great Men and Women are often Sensualists. Did ever a woman forgive a man’s preference of a Rival. Can she?

CHAP. XIV. — A Penny’s Worth of Wit, and what came of it? Dimity vs. Divinity! One-sided Love, and Single-sided Marriage. The Piggitude of Husbands” (?) What a Sensible Woman said about Love-making Men!! Wives Beware! How to make Him Love Her!! Denial,—its fruits. The Great Question Direct. Its answer! How to Make Her Love Him!! No Ugly Women. All are Beautiful somehow! All Women Demand Home and Homage. No one can Seduce a Loving Woman. Why? Potiphar’s Wife. How to Conquer by Stooping. Why a Coarse Person can Resist Temptation better than a Fine one. Old Maids! Old Bachelors! What Sappho said on Love; her Poem.

CHAP. XV. — The Long-haired Philosophers on Love; Mr. Boarland and Miss Green. Ascent, Descent; a Great New Truth for Wives and Husbands. How the Coarse Feeds upon the Fine, — the Stronger on the Weaker one. Who are Strictly Human, and who are not. Anatomy of several grades of Professional Love-ists. Honeymoonness versus Settle-downity! Definitions: Strength, Force, Energy, Power, Esteem, Friendship and Passion. Unless you love you can’t be great, or even good. How to Reconstruct a Wife. Love and the other, — in ancient Pompeii.

CHAP. XVI. Antagonisms. Stormy Love; its uses. A Defence of Adam, — premier. Who Falls by Love by Love must Rise!! Skeletons in People’s Closets, — and our own. Copy-ists. Hero-Worship, — its Folly. Why? Anatomization of a Hero! Picture of a Modern “Husband!” Why Lincoln was a great Man. St. Peter and Paddy O’Rafferty! What befell an Affinityist in Same Company. JAMES FISK, JR. His Love-power and Career. His Parentage, Nature, Character. The Grand Secret of his wonderful Success! What the Feronée Lady said about Fisk, Vanderbilt, Butler and Forney.

CHAP. XVII. — Woman’s Eyes, and how to read them. The curious conditions of Winning a Woman. Her rule of Safety, — Powerful. The Grand Magnetic Law. The Rule and Law of Ruin; also the Rule and law of Right. How a false step photographs itself and the Party — in her eye — an Egyptian Secret! The distrusts of Love-life, and their causes. The deeper meanings of Love! Descensive and Ascensive Passion. “The mother-in- law Curse.” Admiral Verhuel — the father of Napoleon III. The Louisiana Belle and what befell her! The Male and Female Worlds distinct. New Fact — Woman’s rights destroys marriage. “Who’s been here since I’ve been gone?” Chemical Love. Secret of absolute love-power.

CHAP. XVII. — “Spiritual or Mediumistic marriages,” a concubinic Sham! Madame George Sands’ Consuelo Love-theory — rejected. Personal Earthquakes and Periodic Excesses. True Love renders us malaria-proof— Singular Fact! Debauchees and the Parasites that attack them! Why insects and beasts prefer human prey to all other — A STRANGE AND VAST DISCOVERY! LUST PRODUCED BY ANIMALCULÆ. Another Discovery — and how some little worms brought on the War in Europe! How to make Home happy! — a new recipe. Want, and what it does! The Seducer’s Wiles. A Woman’s Story, and a sad one. The 1st, 2nd, and last grand duty of every husband living.

CHAP. XIX. — How meat hurts our souls at times unless properly slaughtered — which it seldom is!! A fact for Legislation — How a wicked cook magnetically injures our food. Ethereal action of Love. An Extraordinary Love Mystery revealed. How Slovenliness kills affection! The Suffrage Problem. The New Departure. About Relationship, very curious! Touch! Good women get the worst husbands; Bad men, the worst wives. The general mixed-upness. Boy and Girl love. Something for everybody.

CHAP. XX. — The Girl and Bride of the Period. What’s up? Why Honeymoons turn bitter so quickly! Curious causes of Female Whims and Oddities. Scarcity of real Friendship. The Love Key. The Seven Devils. The King Passion. Amative Love Passion beyond the grave!! Woman’s Grand Power. Ben Eli’s Marrowy letter.

CHAP. XXI. — Dead-level love. Tiffs and spats. Husbandic Rules, which husbands neglect — and pay for doing it. Married celibates. Angularities. More about Eyes. Blondes and Brunettes — their relative love-power and value as Wives — A very curious analysis worth much to those concerned!! Black Eyes, and the “De’il.” Blondes resist outward pressure better than Brunettes. Brunettes fall from within quicker than Blondes. Why, in both cases. Singular! Astounding theory concerning Brunettes. Have they all Black man’s blood in their veins? The question and its answer! Blondes love more than one — at one time. Brunettes one only, — their Fire-Packed Souls! Their relative love and revenge power! A Brunette’s love. Its intensity. Blonde-love — its superior delicacy. Disadvantages of the Ruddy. Brunette love, Sense-Subduing; Blonde love, Soul-Subduing! Brunettes never vampiral. Blondes are, and a startling fact! Their relative immunity from varied diseases! A widow’s and widower’s chances of marriage better than those of single persons! Curious reasons. Cotton-Aids. How to win a true man! A “Case.” Male Vampires. Little women have advantages. Why? Reconstrution of Dead-Loves. How? Loftier Gospel. New England Love! Comparative deaths of the wives of light and dark men. Whose children live longest — and Why!

CHAP. XXII. — How we sigh for the old loves! Prodigal Wives and Husbands. Meddling “Friends.” Dangers of unrequited Love! The Awakening. Never Make your loves Public! Watching a wife—and what came of it!! What befell Mr. Connor— and his trowsers — while watching his wife! — The place of sighs! — a touching story of “Lost Souls.” The “All-Right” fallacy exploded. The Social Evil! — a chapter of which the Author is proud — and his readers will be glad.

CHAP. XXIII. — Pre-nuptial Deceptions sure to be found out! Complaining Marriages. Necessity of loving some one. Dissectionn of an Atheistic Libertine. The Upper Faith. The Dog Nature. Temptation. The True Bill. Bad Marriage-horrors! The Magic Power of dress. Wife-neglecting husbands. Woman’s love— a Poem. Evidences of high civilization from a savage’s point of view. A rebuke to the 19th Century. Ignorant offers, and foolish acceptances. Wedded Licenses — Impure brides, — Discovered. The Married Rights of Man. What a Turk told the Author about Women — New, and very good! How the great are fooled by the little. How the best women must act queer and offish at times. — A Hard “Case.” No Atheist a full man. Hopes fixed on inappreciates. No man can endure neglect. A powerful female advantage! A powerful male one! Stingy husbands! How husbands can rewin the wife’s love! A splendid resort!!

A story and sermon concerning “the animiles what went out for to fight.” The fight, and what came of it. Singular fact about jealousy. “Only once! — that won’t count much!” Won’t it? Can a lover trust a woman who deceives her husband? Social Brigands — their own worst foes. Why? A bit of the author’s life history. What love is like. Human Responsibility. Vastness of’ the human soul! “She was all the world to Me!” A Heart Poem. No libertine can evoke real Love. Modern Love! Sensitiveness — its advantages. The seven Points — this alone is worth the cost of the book to every woman. Something for wives; do, for husbands. “When her soul’s at work!” The distributive Offices of woman’s Being. The human Telegraphic system. Its wonders. Sexburg and Scoundrelton. Counterfeit kisses. “Opportunity.” THE REAL KISS! ITS MEANING. GRAND! When friendships fail! “Bitter Beer!” Home! Sweet Home! Its Joys. “Like a gentle summer rain!” A Poem. The twain who truly love. Vive L’Amour! Finis.



“Hearts? Hearts?
Who speaks of breaking Hearts?”

Price, $2.50. Post free. Of this volume, reprinted from the large octavo edition, nothing need be said; for “Seventh Edition” tells its own story. It differs entirely from the preceding work, and covers totally different grounds.


CHAPTER I. — What is Love? Reply—All of us born with a certain amount of Love in us. Passion is not love, but love is Passion! “Free Love” Infernalisms. Life and Love a desperate game. True Love and its counterfeits. Prudery. Why young girls “Fall.” Magnetic Love. Why the wedded disagree — a curious cause — and unsuspected! ABORTIONISTS — the infamous tribe. Love’s Hidden Mysteries. The TEN great Rules and Laws thereof! She stoops to conquer! Dress — Silence — as Powers of Love. Vampires life-teachers. Soul-devourers. Test of True Love. Jealousy. Suspicion. When woman is divine, and how to make her so.

CHAP. II — The wife’s great fault and oversight. Adultery. The kiss. A woman’s idea of Love. Doggish husbands. Blind Tom and the Monkey boy. Love an Element. Why she “can’t bear him!” Why he “hates her!” Divorce. “Spirit-medium” frauds. “Love powders.” “Dragon’s blood.” The Heart Song. Barn-yard Love Philosophers. “I’ve fallen — again!” Passion in Men and Women. Song of the Forsaken. Laughing Scandal. Sunshine. Sugar-life.

CHAP. III. — Perverted Magnetisms. Magnetic Poisons. Uterine diseases; undreamed-of causes of such. Complaints of women. Vulgar natures. Love dependent on visuals and drink. The Song of Wedded Misery. Vicarious Love —Wretchedness. Real Marriage — What it is, and is not! Meddling People. Love-song of the Soul!

CHAP. IV. — Power of words — A startling truth. AIR; the supreme joy of life. Curious, but true ! — Oxygen! ! — a Love creator! The two Babies. A sad, sad story. Nellie and the flickering candle. Consumption. Affection; Love; the difference between. Love and provender! The secret sin! The Proper Study of Mankind is — Woman!

CHAP. V. — Origins of the Black, Red, and White races. Differences between the Sexes. “Blue Pill for Breaking Hearts.” Unwelcome Love no Love at all. Forced attentions and other Poisons. Dark people healthier than light ones. Why? Modern marriage not a Bed of Roses. Why? The wonders of a woman. Nuts for married people. False Divorce. Helplessness of woman. Men of lofty soul love simple women best. Why? Actual Marriage means reciprocateness. Why a woman who bears a child by a dark man can never thereafter bear a light one. Transfusion. Temptation — and how to resist it. Magnetism. Mingling.

CHAP. VI. — How to win a husband’s love. The Three Oriental Love Secrets. An excellent, but strange, revelation. Magnetic Will and Love Power. Love Starvation — and how to cure it! The Seven Rules for husbands — good ones to the wise. Mrs. Grundy. Free will. John and Sally. “Animality.” The other side. Tides of Passion and Love. The Social Evil. “When it is dark” — a mournful tale. Incompatibility. Why relations hate each other. Physical basis of human love. Seven Laws of Love. Vampires. The author’s experience. Why he loves a pretty woman. “When the Sultan goes to Ispahan!” Funny, but dangerous.

CHAP. VII. Woman is Love Incarnate, only men don’t realize it. Dimity versus Divinity. Hearts for sale! Woman fails to know her Power. Love, an Art. The Magic Ring — very strange. The Love-cure. Mother-in-law — the trouble they make. Once in a whilish love of husbands. Lola Montez. The Christ-imaged child. Wonderful law. Love-storms, gales, tempests. How to subdue wild husbands. Woman’s second attack wins, and why.

CHAP. VIII. — Love not to be forced on either side. What Leon Gozlan said about women. “Infernal fol-de-rolisms,” “Legal” violence! How Love-matches are broken off. The Lesson it teaches. The French “Girl’s” curious Prayer. Beauty; its laws. Insanity. An invaluable Chapter on the arts and means of increasing Female Beauty; translated from the French of Dr. Cazenave. Special instructions for beautifying the skin, hair, eyes, teeth, — in short, the Perfect Adornment of Women.

CHAP. IX. — Good-Humor. Home. The true life. Heart versus Brain. The Woman condemned to be strangled, and how she was saved. The three Lessons. A latter-day Sermon —Text: “Jordan is a hard road to travel.” The Castaways. Singular. Magdalen. Scandal and Gossip. What Echo said. The Baby World. A thrilling Sermon by a reformed Prize Fighter. A splendid Poem — Swinburn.

CHAP. X. “Eternal Affinityism,”. and Church-ortion. Honeymoons versus sour Syrup. Marriage in 1790. One happy man; the curious reason why. “Doctors.” Science — a wonderful case of its mighty Power. Cyprians not all bad or lost. Why? Monogamy and Amative Stimulants. The finest race upon the P1anet. Propagation of Heroes— how it is accomplished! The Eye as an Index of Character — Gray, Blue, Hazel, Black eyes. The Laugh-cure in a new phase. Matrimonial career. Gossiping. Healthy Love. Sex in Nature. Marriage of Light and Matter. Music is Sexive. Three classes of Women. Whom not to Wed.

CHAP. XI. — Married Celibates. Friendliness. Fretting “Lip-Salve.” Boston. Philosophy— Soul-Marriage! A Fashionable Lady’s Prayer. Prayer of the Girl of the Period. Hottentot’s Heaven. Voudoo John, and Female Subjugation by Black-magic Arts. Breastless Ladies. How Wives are Poisoned!

CHAP. XII. — The Fountain of Love. How to remedy vital exhaustion. What to eat to gain Love-Power. Power of a Loving Woman. Her child. Excess. Promiscuous “Love.” “When Sweetness reigns in Woman!” A half man; and how to pick him out. Ankles. Genius and Wedlock. Why the Talents are generally Wretched in the Marriage State. Singular fads, and Singular Faults in Women. Bitter Experience. A Singular Paper upon Incest. Non-reciprocation— and its cause—and cure. Childless Couples— Causes — Cure. Fault-finding. Jealousy; its cause and- cure. The Rule and Law of Human Power, or Genius.

The book also contains special articles concerning why wives hate their husbands. Singular causes of wedded misery, and its cure. A hint to mothers. Hint to unloved wives. Gusty Love. When woman has most conquering power. The stormy life. The magnetic attack. Sex and passion after we are dead. Old-maid- hood, and how to avoid it!


THE MYSTERIES OF THE MAGNETIC UNIVERSE. SEERSHIP. NEW EDITION. A wonderful series of discoveries for self-development in all branches of Clairvoyance, including the astonishing agency of MAGIC MIRRORS; and how to use them.


Somnambulistic lucidity. Genuine clairvoyance a natural birth-right. Two sources of light, astral and magnetic. Why mesmerists fail to produce clairvoyance in their “subjects.” Vinegared water, magnets and tractors as agents in its production. Specific rules. Clairvoyance is not spiritualism. The false and the true. Psychometry and intuition are not clairvoyance. Mesmeric circles. Eight kinds of Clairvoyance! Mesmeric coma and magnetic trance. The difference. Effect of lung power. Effect of amative passion on the seer. Dangers to women who are mesmerized. Oriental, European, and American methods. The mirror of ink. How to mesmerize by a common looking-glass. The insulated stool. The electric or magnetic battery. The bar magnet. The horse-shoe magnet. Phantasmata, Chemism. Why “Spirits” are said to take subjects away from magnetizers. Curious. Black Magic. Voudoo (“Hoodoo”) spells, charms, projects. Very Strange! “Love Powders.” The sham, and the terrible dangers of the real. How they are fabricated. Astounding disclosures concerning Voudooism in Tennessee. Proof. The cock, the conches, the triangle, the herbs, the test, the spell, the effect, the wonderful result. White science baffled by black magic. Mrs. A., the Doctor, and the Voudoo Chief. Explanation of the mystery. The degrees of Clairvoyance, and how to reach them. The road to power, love, and money. Self-mesmerism. Mesmerism in ancient Egypt, Syria, Chaldea, Nineveh, and Babylon thousands of years ago. Testimony of Lepsius, Botta, Rawlings, Homer, Bunsen, Champollion, and Mariette. The Phantorama. Advice to seekers after Seership.


Dr. Dee and his magic mirror. Strange things seen in it. Not a spiritual juggle. George Sand. The Count St. Germain and the Magic Mirror or Spirit-Seeing glass. Jewels used for the same purposes. Hargrave Jennings (the Rosicruciaa), On fire. Curious things of the outside world, and divine illumination. Cagliastro, and his Magic Mirror. Frederick the Great Crystal-seeing Count. American Mirror Seers. Dr. Randolph, in April, ‘69, predicts the Gold panic of September. Its literal fulfillment. Business men use mirrors to forestall the markets. Their singular magic. Better and more effective than animal magnetism. Why. Extraordinary method of holding a psycho-vision steady as a picture. Two kinds of mirrors. Crystals. The pictures seen in a magic mirror are not on or in, but above it. Dangers of “Spirit control.” Facts. Theory. Constructors of magic mirrors. Failures. Success. Chemistry of mirrors. The Life of Dream, and the Street of Chances. The Past, Present, and Future are actually now, because there can be no future to Omniscience. The future embosomed in the Ether, and he who can penetrate that can scan unborn events in the womb of coming time. It can be done, is done, and will be by all who have the right sense. Sir David Brewster, Salverte, Iamblichus, and Damascius. A magic mirror séance extraordinary. The Emperor Basil’s son is brought to his father in a magic glass by Theodore Santa Baren. Mr. Roscoe’s account of a strange adventure of Benvenuto Bellini. What death really is. A new theory! The phantasmagoria of real things. Absorption. Its use and meaning. Platonic theory of vision. Theory of spiritual sight. Magic and magnetic, one and the same. Statement of the seven magnetic laws of Love. The blonde wife rewins her straying brunette husband from a brunette rival — from a blonde rival. Polarites. Caressive love. The antagonal polar law of love. Backthrown love. A singular principle. Egyptians. Magic mirrors. Mrs. Pool and Mr. Lane’s testimony. How a maiden discovers a lover — a rival — a wrong-doer. Awful magnetic power of an injured woman’s “magnetic prayer.” Oriental widow finds a husband — having seen him —never having seen him. “The Master Passion.” “After death.” Rules and laws of magic mirrors. How to clean and charge them magnetically. The Grand Master, De Novalis. The celebrated “Trinius” Japanese magic crystal globe of San Francisco, Cal.

The price of this work has been fixed at three dollars. It is the only work on the subject now extant in the English language, and incontestably excels either the French, German, Arabic, Syriac, Hindostanee, or the Chaldaic treatises upon the same topic, and is, probably, the fullest and most perfect compilation and exposition of the principia of the sublime science ever penned. A work of this extraordinary character is, indeed, rare. It can only be had direct from my office.


The WHOLE, instead of a part, of the quite Extraordinary ANSAIRETIC MYSTERY — the fourth Rosicrucian Revelation Concerning Human Sex, and, as thousands can testily, the most astounding that has ever yet appeared anywhere on earth; and while there is not a word or line or suggestion in it, or in the third Revelation, that favors anything that could make an angel blush, yet they go to the very foot of the subject. Said a celebrated agitator, on hearing a portion of them read: “What do you charge for that astonishing writing?” alluding to about one-fifth of the whole. “Five dollars; as it is hard work to write it out.” “Five dollars! Why, it is worth $500 to any one on earth with an ounce of brains, or a thrill of Man or Womanhood left in them!” Well, I looked up the Oriental MSS., and copies can be had of me, and if the mighty things therein — things not even dreamed of in these cold, practical lands — are not found to be worth ten times the sum, then the sublimest secrets the world ever held must wait another century for appreciative souls.

To those whose orders hereafter reach $5 at one time, a fine likeness of the author, by Poole, of Nashville, Tenn., will be sent as a premium, and the Ansairetic Mystery will be given gratis, and without any charge whatever, but only when requested in letter of remittance with return stamps.

Address this Publishing House, Toledo, Ohio.


THE CURIOUS LIFE OF P. B. RANDOLPH! “The Man with Two Souls! “ — A Revelation of the Rosicrucian Secrets! The Oath! Their Initiation! Strange Theories — Very. His Birth, Blood, Education, Adventures, Secret of his Power! His Glory and Their Shame! The Scandal and Sensation!

Part I. The Bright Side. What the People say.

Part II. The Ordeal. The Accusation. His Experience. Behind the Bars. He loses all he has made in a Life-time!

Part III. The Charge and Trial! The Witnesses. Curious Testimony. Speeches of the Attorney against Randolph, and Selden’s, the Free-Love Champion. — A Caution to Masons, Odd-Fellows, and other Secret Societies. (See Part 3.) Randolph’s Defence, and Address to the Jury. He makes a Clean Expose of the Whole Thing! These three masterly efforts are undoubtedly the strongest and ablest ever delivered for and against Free Love.

The Verdict! Startling Disclosures! “The Mysteries and Miseries of Love.” Talk about Novels and Romances! Why they are tame nothings beside this man’s life and career. It reads like a romance. The strange oaths of the Rosicrucians regarding all females. Extraordinary comparison between Agapism and Free- Love! The Rosecross initiation, — the officiating girls— and what they do. “Doctor” BAY and his “BUG” theory! “When the Band Begins to Play!” What was said concerning Randolph’s Book about Love and Women, Affection, the Sexes, Attractions, Vampirisms, Infatuations, Friendship, Passion, Beauty, Heart, Soul, Lost Love, Dead Affection, and its resurrective law, True and False Marriage.

One of the first writers in the country, when asked his opinion of the MSS. from which it was printed exclaimed: “All I can say to the people of America is Buy the Book! Price only 75 cents! and that will tell the whole strange story!”