Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition
No. 14, Vol. 2. Vernal Equinox 2008

Join the Brotherhood of Eulis!

In the 1874 edition of Eulis!, Paschal Beverly Randolph ends two of his three sections with an invitation to join the Brotherhood of Eulis, which he says he started provisionally in Tennessee, closed, and plans to reestablish “in organic form before I pass from earth.” The same year, Randolph wrote “The Mysteries of Eulis,” a private manuscript now published in its entirety by Deveney (1997), along with the “Ansairectic Mystery.” Randolph committed suicide the following year.

[The end of “Affectional Alchemy,” Eulis! pp. 168-169.]

Lastly: this book will inevitably call attention to the B. O. E. (Brotherhood of Eulis), the Hope of the world and Sheet anchor of Mankind. All such are informed that a handbook of the Order will be issued from this Grand Lodge; to the officers of which application for information should be made; and to no other authority, save myself, until death.*

My address at present is Toledo, Ohio; when it is changed, due notice will be given.

See second note below


There are quite a number of exceedingly important and inexpressibly holy and delicate questions connected with the subject-matter of this work, which, although alluded to, have not been openly and freely discussed herein, for self-apparent reasons. Those things relate to the inner mysteries of the human being and of Eulis, (or the Philosophy of Love, AGAPE, not stogu,) and are only to be given under the sacred conditions of Patient and Physician or Teacher and Pupil. How long I may remain to teach of course I do not know, — only this I do know— that I have suffered much and am weary; but while able I shall take great delight in clearing up the doubts and mysteries besetting those about me; and all who need such counsel as I am capacitated to impart, are hereby freely warranted in asking or writing for it, — assured that I will do my best toward alleviating the distresses of body and heart, Soul and Spirit; and although I cannot bear the burdens of all, still I have done somewhat of good in that line, and am ready to continue so doing while life lasts.

• In March, 1874, I organized a society, provisionally, down in Tennessee — “The B. O. E.” to which it was my intention to teach all the occult branches of esoteric knowledge, constitute it my literary heir, and through it spring many lofty truths upon the world; but

“The best laid plans of mice or men/ Aft gang aglee!”

And so did mine with reference to that society, for owing to irreconcilable misunderstandings it became absolutely necessary to dissolve the provisional society as the B.O. E. , and to utterly decline to permanently organize it, owing to the presence in it of a person with whom it became impossible for me to break bread and taste salt – things which so man of Eulis or Rosicrucia will ever do under unpleasant conditions, consequently, hereafter as heretofore, I shall do what can, single-handed ad alone—yet not alone, for God and I are a clear majority. I’ll help myself and others, and He will help me.

June 30, 1874


[The end of “Concerning Soul-Sight and Magic Mirrors,” Eulis! pp. 219-221.]

CONCLUDING PARAGRAPHS. — Many will suspect from our true name — BROTHERHOOD OF EULIS — that we really mean “Eleusis,” and they are not far wrong. The Eleusinian Philosophers (with whom Jesus is reputed to have studied) were philosophers of Sex; and the Eleusinian Mysteries were mysteries thereof, —just such as the writer of this has taught ever since he began to think, and suffered for his thoughts, through the unfledged “Philosophers” of the century, amidst whom only now and then can a true thinker or real reasoner be found.

Through the Night of time the lamp of EULIS has lighted ou path, and enabled obscure brethren to illuminate the world. Before Pythagoras, Plato, Hermes, and Budha, we were! and when their systems shall topple into dust, we will still flourish in immortal youth, because we drink of life at its holy fountain; and restored, pure, healthful, and normal sex with its uses to and with us means Restoration, Strength, Ascension, not their baleful opposites, as in the world outside the pale of genuine science. Up to the publications hereof on this continent we were indeed secret, for not one-tenth of those tested and called “Rosicrucians” knew of the deeper, yet simpler philosophy. But the time has come to spread the new doctrines because the age is ripe. I — We — no longer put up difficult barriers, but affiliate with all who are broad enough to accept Truth, no matter what garb she may wear. But till then we shut out the world; now we open our hearts and hands to welcome all true searchers of the Infinite, — all seekers after the attainab1e. We have determined to teach the Esoteric doctrines of the Æth; to accept all worthy aspirants, initiate them, and empower them to instruct, upbuild, and initiate others, — forming lodges if so they please.

The doctrines and beliefs are broadly laid down in the series of books published from the same source as the present; but especially in the volumes noticed herein. Those who wish further and private instructions, and to obtain information, conditions, secrets, writings, etc., and who purpose to cultivate the esoteric and mystic powers of the Soul, may correspond with that object with the publisher hereof — (or his official successor when dead) —who possesses certain keys which open doors hitherto sealed from man, but which are ready to swing wide when the proper “Open Sesame” is spoken by those worthy of admission.


Yes! by teaching that mind the nature and principles of its own immortal powers, and the rules of their growth — not otherwise. For centuries we have known what the world is just finding out — that all the multiple hells on earth originate in trouble, unease, of the love, affections, and passions, or amatory sections of human nature; and that Heaven cannot come till Shiloh does; in other words, knowledge positive on the hidden regions of the mighty world called MAN. Hence this partial uplifting of the veil between us and the people of the continents. MEN FALL AND DIE THROUGH FEEBLENESS OF WILL! Women perish from too much passion, none at all, and absolute, cruel love-starvatiqn. This WE intend to correct. We shall succeed; for True Men NEVER FAIL!

CONCLUSION: THE LYMPHICATION OF LOVE. — I have already herein called attention to the various secretions — normal — of the human pelvic viscera, and named them lochia, exuviæ, semen, Duverneyan lymph, prostatic and Cowperian fluids. I now call attention to another, different from all and far more important than either, and which is the only one common to both sexes alike. I refer to that colorless, viscid, glairy lymph, or exudation which is only present under the most fierce and intense amative passion in either man or woman. This lymph has been noticed by M.D.’s, and regarded as a. vaginal or prostatic secretion, but it is neither. They sought for its point of issuance, but found it not, because, prior to its escape, per vagina and male urethra, it is not a liquid at all; but, the liquid is the resultant of the union of three imponderables, just as common water is the result of the union of two gases and an electric current. Just so is this lymph the union of magnetism, electricity, and nerve-aura, — each rushing from the vital ganglia and fusing in the localities named. When it is present in wedlock’s sacred rite then Power reigns and Love strikes deep root in the soul of the child that then may be begotten. If it is absent, the world is sure to receive a selfish, mean, small, contemptible thing in human shape, — a terror, or stalking crime and pestilence, — a partial man or woman, of little use to him or herself, and none at all to others, the world, or God. Wherefore the IMPERATIVE LAW — the violation of which entails horror, crime, and suffering, through at least a dozen lives — is: Absolute self-mastery in certain respects unless the presence of this divine fluid is God’s permit for the holiest of all human enjoyments and duties. It is often present when it ought not to be, and when so, many a man has forgotten his manhood and triumphed over a similarly tempted girl; and many an honest girl and woman has fallen to rise no more. When this fluid is abundantly secreted the only safety is in instant flight, for, unappeased, it begets an insanity and furore too dreadfully intense and, imperative to be successfully resisted even by an archangel, much less poor, weak, erring sons and daughters of men. If flight do not take place, and the leakage goes on, Soul itself is wasted, and Madness, with Horror at his gorgon side, waves his cruel baton, and another victim takes his or her place among the awful ranks of the Impotent, Barren, or Insane. It is the loss of this through personal vice solitary, and from the reading of Infernal books and plates of damnation, that so many rush into bagnios and the madhouse. Could my readers but visit, as I have done, the magnificent Institution for the Insane at Nashville, Tenn., most ably presided over by Dr. J. H. Callender, a man who knows more about Madness and its cure than all others in the world combined, and witness the soul-harrowing spectacle of splendid people reduced to drivelling, soulless idiocy, wild mania, or absolute dementia from sex perversions, I am sure that no one would allow himself or herself to stand an instant in the presence of a temptation which, if successful, means havoc and destruction to the human soul. May God long preserve Dr. Cal-lender, for the world will need him and such for centuries to come, until the race shall learn that “Love, indeed, lieth at the foundation,” and whosoever infracts its laws must pay the dreadful penalty. I have spent the best years of my life in the endeavor to awaken mankind to a realizing sense of the real meaning, the words just quoted, and in ministering to those who had suffered from violations of that fundamental law; and I trust that when I am gone others will take up and carry on the good work. As will be seen in my work, “The New Mola,” I desire to leave my system in good hands after my death, or at once, if need be; and I trust that through such, and other means, the great evil of love infraction and perversion may be put a stop to, measurably, if not altogether. So may it be.

Toledo, Ohio, June, 1874.

NOTE. — The Provisional Grand Lodge of Eulis established in Tennessee, was dissolved by me —the creating, appointing and dissolving power — on June 13th, 1874. I intend to re-establish Eulis in organic form before I pass from earth, and as soon as the Brethren of over one year’s standing, constituting the C. S. Grand Lodge, shall assist me in codifying its laws. The Supreme Grand Lodge is retransferred to those head-quarters of the Order, and Eulis has none other on the globe.

Supreme Grand Master of Eulis: Pythianæ and Rosicrucia and
Hierarch of the Triple Order.

I here tender my thanks to the Brothers Lumsden for aid in issuing this work— their purchase of part of the edition; and to Ernest A. Percival, Esq., who came to the rescue, and contributed toward completing it, — after others’ promises, solemnly made, were ruthlessly broken! And yet God reigns! and my book saw the light despite the blows aimed at me and it by the rule or ruin policy of— never mind! The Book Survives and Thought Prevails.