Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition
No. 14, Vol. 2. Vernal Equinox 2008

Seven Stars: Mystical Poetry, Michaela Sefler. InnerCircle Publishing; Selah, WA, 2007. 184 pages. $25.00 USD.

review by J. S. Kupperman

Michaela Sefler’s book of inspirational poetry, Seven Stars, is much like her previous works. Sefler’s mystical aspirations and experiences are here laid bare before the reader. Seven Stars contains over 170 poems, each kept to a single page. Fans of Sefler’s poetry will be happy to see that she has retained the poetic and visual style of pervious collections such as Through the Ages.
The poems of Seven Stars faithfully present for the reader Sefler’s own spiritual and mystical experiences. While this may prove to be both enlightening and inspirational it can also present a difficulty. The poems reflect one mystic’s spiritual journey and as is the case with mystical poetry the results are both specific and personal. Such poetry can be uplifting to those who have had similar spiritual experiences and may help a lone mystic connect with others. However as the poetry is so very personal it may leave those who have not had those types of experiences left wondering what they are really about or if they are missing some necessary understanding to make them truly meaningful.

As with previous books, Sefler’s current work will be inspiring and uplifting to many of its readers. The work draws upon numerous mystical traditions, making especial reference to Qabalah, though these are of course interpreted through the author’s own mystical point of view and a certain amount of romanticism. This may disappoint some readers looking for something coming from a more traditional orientation.

Overall, Seven Stars is an interesting and insightful look into the mystical life of its author. The poetry can be beautiful and insightful while simultaneously being nearly opaque, as though one needs the correct mystical experience to gain entrance. Those looking for poetry more directly inspired by the sources of the Western mystery traditions may wish to look elsewhere. However those looking for poetry of an inspirational and spiritual nature will find Seven Stars both enlightening and fulfilling.