Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition
No. 16, Vol. 2. Vernal Equinox 2009


by David Harrington

As is my custom, I was burning incense by candlelight when all at once the angel appeared in a vision of glory and said, "Come with me." And taking me by the hand, he led me away from that place until we came upon a beautiful Golden Palace near a clear mountain lake.

And guarding each of its seven gates were two lion-like watchdogs made of bronze, ivory and jade, with spiked collars and sharp talon-like claws. And their eyes were like flaming coals and their tails were as serpents that do have a deadly sting.

And it was given unto me a golden brick seven inches long to measure the Golden Palace. And the Golden Palace has seven outer walls and seven inner walls which divide it into six separate mansions, each measuring twenty-one feet from floor to ceiling. Six of the outer walls measuring two hundred and ten feet in length, and the other which intersects the sixth and seventh, that is, the Northwest and Southwest gates, measuring four hundred and twenty feet.

Two of the inner walls also measuring two hundred and ten feet in length, four measuring one hundred and seventy-five feet, and the Golden Temple with its courtyard and plaza measuring forty-nine hundred square feet.

The sum total of the six mansions and their seven inner walls and seven outer walls, including the Golden Temple with its Golden Altar and rows of carved masks and figurines is fourteen thousand square feet.
And the Golden Palace is fortified with seven watchtowers, each measuring one hundred and five feet in height and twenty-eight feet around in diameter, which overlook the seven gates or points of entry where the temple dogs stand guard day and night.

And the glass dome that lightens the Golden Temple, and even the courtyard and terrace, measuring one hundred and forty feet from top to bottom, and one hundred and forty feet in diameter at the base.
And the plaza platform with its spiral staircase winding its way up to the seven watchtowers rises one hundred and seventy-five feet above the Sanctuary and is supported by seven columns and arches.
And the Golden Temple without the courtyard and plaza measuring one thousand seven hundred and sixty-four square feet. And the Golden Altar with its assortment of shiny vessels, rising seven feet above the main threshold and measuring seven hundred and thirty-five square feet.

So when I had finished measuring the Golden Palace and making all my calculations, I turned to the angel and said, "To whom does all of this belong...some rich and powerful ruler?" And the angel answered saying, "Well said: For this is the Temple of the Living God."

And when he had thus said it, he set me upon his wings and carried me off to the crystal lake and showed me my reflection in the water. And he said unto me, "What is it you see?"

And I answered and said, "My reflection: Like the sun on the mountain and the rainbow around my heart." And the angel answered and said unto me, "Well said again: For it is the window to your soul."