Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition
No. 20, Vol. 2. Vernal Equinox 2011

Tinctures for Healing:
Z-2 Application of Heh Final

by VH Frater YShY

Al Tinnin Vault,
Rosae Rubae et Aurae Crucis

May 3rd, 2010ev.


The art of Alchemy is such a broad topic, that it is nearly impossible to utter its name without vastly contradictory ideas invoked as to ones apparent meaning. To some, it represents merely the ignorant proto-scientific beginnings of Chemistry. To others, it is thought of as the art of working with plants, or the Lesser Work; while they consider metals and their transformation the Great Work. Some see the artistic vignettes and symbols of Alchemy from a Jungian perspective, casting them in entirely psychological terms. Still to others, Alchemy is a laboratory practice which exemplifies a pictorial code for ancient Eastern Tantric practices or Western sexual techniques. It is not my intention to delve into this level of exploration here, nor are any of these possible lines of inquiry necessarily wrong, they are, however, beyond the scope of this paper. What follows is nothing more than the use of a practical procedure and classic R.R. et A.C. magic to create a medically potent tincture for healing. This ritual rubric is a fully fleshed out example of the Z-2 Heh Final section. What this paper is, is an attempt to add the talismanic energies invoked in a Spagyric preparation towards cold tinctures. It is intentionally not Alchemy or Spagyry, which are referenced here only because the Z-2 ritual formula was adapted for use with classical cold tinctures.

We will not enter into definitions of Alchemy beyond the above in this rubric, and Spagyry is also not relevant beyond stating this is a different subject entirely. I think it is fairly safe to say that the use of heat in Spagyry means that some plants that are unsuitable for such extraction methods loose some of their medicinal value. According to tradition, Spagyry is then often reliant upon magical or talismanic practices to give its tinctures their healing properties, and not the medically active ingredients in the herb, root or flower in a maceration tincture. The same may be said for the Lesser Work. Each practice has its value to its adherents, and I wish to take cognisance of that here. Alchemy and Spagyry have their worth, and there are numerous other sources on the subject that may be studied for those interested. However, rather than follow a such laboratory procedure that uses heat, I have elected to share and instruct in a method that tinctures using only maceration. This method may be put to immediate use by an Adept, and it is of immense practical value.

In Alchemical terms this captures the Sulphur and a little of the Mercury of the Plant, while the Salt is discarded as non-essential in practical healing. The reason is that I believe this is the correct method to use for making highly effective herbal preparations and remedies. I have worked with herbs in this fashion for many years, and as I prepare the final draft of this ritual for circulation, going back in my mind, I think the Wise Woman who first shared the practical preparation of herbs in this manner must have shown this procedure to me about 20 years ago this year. I still remember our first summer's harvest of Feverfew and Valerian hidden in my closet in gallon jars.

In my experience the maceration method by far outweighs Spagyric tincture and forms of practical plant Alchemy for alleviating symptoms and healing. I also studied Aromatherapy for several years, and was fortunate enough to work with an importer and local Occult retail outlet selling common and more rare scents. I slowly became familiar with hundreds of high quality oils that had been distilled locally and imported from around the world. Through this endeavour, I discovered that most careless applications of heat in inexperienced distillation, tend to destroy the essential oil or Sulphur of the Plant, as it most surely dispels the subtle spirits of ethyl alcohol or Mercury. An Adept in distillation methods knows that there is a subtlety and unique method required for each plant or flower, and that the relationship between time and temperature is where most of the characteristic quality and potency of the flora or fauna is retained. This is not to say that the other methods of herbal work and Alchemy do not have their uses, they are valid in their own right, however, for simple, practical, and medicinal properties of plants, this is by far the best method available to a Herbalist. This has been borne out by modern scientific research and Complementary Alternative Medical practices. The philosophy in modern Aromatherapy is that the effect of any heat in making essential oils from flowers and plants is damaging to their medicinal properties, period. It is simply left to the Aromatherapist or distiller to lessen this damage, and retain as many of these properties as possible.

As most Alchemists know, Spagyry is not really true Alchemy, and the tincture work as described here is most certainly in another class yet again, not to be confused with the true royal art. Nonetheless, it is high time a ceremonial option is created for RR et AC Adepts who would be Herbalists to work with under the auspices of our tradition.


A – The Glass Container or Jar for steeping. The Lotus Wand and Elemental weapons are present, the four small Elemental seals, The Planetary Kamea according to the nature of the Plant chosen is the Altar top, along with the Tablet of Kether, which is used in part V and W.

B – The Herbalist Adept, dressed as to his or her Grade, with Jewel and Coloured Mantle, robed in white and with the correct Hierophant's Jewel, Officer's Lamen, or Past Hierphant's Jewel. The latter is perhaps the most practical, as is the use of a short-sleeved robe, due to the nature of kitchen work. The full Hierophant's Lamen would be traditional, and if used, it may also be in the form of one of the Chief's Lamen's chosen for the nature of the operation, according to the following chart of Planetary attributions:

Planet - Chief's Lamen
Saturn - Cancellarius' or Heirus' Lamen
Jupiter - Praemonstrator's Lamen
Mars - Imperator's Lamen
Sol - Cancellarius' Lamen
Venus - Imperator's Lamen
Mercury - Praemonstrator's Lamen
Luna - Cancellarius' Lamen

C – The processes and forces employed are recorded in this Ritual Rubric, which has been read over and studied thoroughly prior to performance. Upon the cap or lid of the Glass Container is painted the Occult Symbol of Malkuth, with the addition of the Alchemical symbol of the specific herb to be tinctured, which is centred inside the Hexagram.

D – The matter to be transmuted in the form of the living herb, plant or flower. The best first choices for a new Herbalist are some of the herbs given here from Culpepper's Complete Herbal, so as to form a good beginning repertoire of treatments.

E – The selection of the plant matter to be preserved and concentrated is ready nearby, and the kitchen or laboratory is set up for working, according to this rubric. When the kitchen is ready, the opening consists of the Solitary 0 = 0 Opening Ceremony.

This is followed by the plant being washed carefully and free of all dirt, and cut up, all in the West or South-West area of the kitchen. The lights are turned down. The plant is then barred in the West or South-West of the kitchen with the Lotus Wand, saying:

Inheritor of a dying world, arise and enter the darkness.
The mother of darkness hath blinded him with her hair.
The father of darkness hath hidden him under his wings.
His limbs are still weary from the wars, which were in heaven.


Child of earth, un-preserved and un-tinctured thou canst not enter the sacred laboratory.

F – The herb is and placed into the gallon jars, and the following section F and G are done carefully but promptly so as to cover the herb with alcohol promptly, so as to not loose any of the natural potency. The herb is carried to the West of the Altar, and the higher forces are then invoked over the herb jar by reciting the correct passage from the consecration of the Planetary weapons.

The chosen alcohol is to be 151 proof alcohol or Brandy. This is poured onto the herb immediately after it has been cut, with these words:

In the name of the Lord of the Universe, who works in silence and in whom nought but silence can express, the Herbalist hereby declares that the Sun hath arisen, and the shadows flee away.

A moment of silence commences over the full container, in an invocation of the blind force to action therein.

G – The open container is then carefully swirled in the West or at the door to the kitchen. It is then lifted and carried to the West of the altar, and the Herbalist says:

The plant's soul is wandering in darkness, seeking for the light of hidden knowledge, and it dares to assert that by this herbal preparation, the potency of that light may be increased.

H – The jar is now hermetically sealed with the closed lid or cap.

I – The Herbalist announces aloud:

All is prepared for the invocation of the forces of (Planet name), necessary to accomplish the work.

The preparation is placed onto the triangle which is upon the Altar. The top of the Altar is a flashing tablet of the corresponding Kamea.

The Herbalist moves to the East of the Altar, and places her hand over it, and holding the Lotus or Phoenix Wand by the red band, the following variation of the Neophyte Obligation is repeated:

I (States her full legal and VH or GH Soror name and rank), in the presence of the Lord of the universe, who works in silence, and whom naught but silence can express, my own higher self, and in this laboratory of the art, opened under the auspices of the planetary powers of (Planet), do of my own free will and accord, hereby and hereon, (touches Jar seal at hereby, and the triangle at hereon), most solemnly promise and swear, that I will in secret tincture and preserve this herb, flower or root of (State the plants full common and Latin Name), for the purposes of healing and to the betterment of mankind in general.

I furthermore solemnly promise and swear, that I will keep secret any or all information relative to the preparation of this herb, flower or root, to keep our secret knowledge and hidden wisdom as such, through my proper attention and laudable efforts.

J - The corresponding planetary hexagrams are then traced using the Lotus Wand, or the Unicursal Hexagrams if it is the Phoenix Wand being used by the Adeptus Major. Then let the Herbalist say:

So help me the lord of the universe, my own higher self, in this, my great and solemn obligation of a Zelator Adeptus Minor Magician.

Let her place down the Lotus Wand, and raising the herbal preparation into the air, say:

Arise herein to action, O ye forces of the Light Divine.

K – Using the correct planetary names, skry the herb, and take note of what thoughts arise. When this is accomplished, carry it to the North of the kitchen. Holding the Lotus Wand by the black band, say:

The voice of the Herbalist said, “Let me enter the path of darkness peradventure thus shall I obtain the light, I am the only being in an abyss of darkness. From the darkness came I forth ere my birth, from the silence of a primal sleep”, and the voice of ages answered unto the Herbalist, “I am he that formulates in darkness. Child of earth, the light shineth in the darkness, but the darkness comprehendeth it not.

Circumambulate three times.

L - Stop in the South, barring its way with the Wand, and say:

Child of earth, un-preserved and un-tinctured thou canst not approach the gateway of the West.

The tincture is then turned on its side and rolled so that the bubbles will rise to the surface.

Child of earth, twice preserved and twice tinctured thou mayest approach the gateway of the West.

M – The tincture jar is then placed in the West of the Laboratory or Kitchen, and then stored in a dark cupboard for seven nights. On each night, it is removed, and the corresponding Banishing Planetray Hexagram is drawn over it via the SRH, and each night it is rolled as before to remove the bubbles to the top of the jar. On the final night, corresponding to the Planet of the herb, flower or root, the tincture is removed from the closet, and the ritual is commenced with.

N – Circumambulate to the North, barring its way with the Wand, and say:

Child of earth, un-preserved and un-tinctured thou canst not approach the gateway of the East.

The tincture is then turned on its side and rolled so that the bubbles will rise to the surface.

Child of earth, thrice preserved and thrice tinctured thou mayest approach the gateway of the East.

O - The tincture jar is then placed in the East of the Kitchen in a dark cupboard for seven days. On each morning, it is removed, and the corresponding Invoking Hexagram is drawn over it using the correct day-house band of the Lotus Wand, and it is rolled to remove the bubbles to the top of the jar. On the final day, corresponding to the Planet of the herb, flower or root, the tincture is removed from the closet the final time, and the ritual is commenced with.

P - The Jar is again placed on the white triangle upon the Altar. The Herbalist goes to the East, and raising wand, she walks to the Altar, invokes as follows:

I come in the power of the light.
I come in the light of wisdom.
I come in the mercy of the light.
The light hath healing in its wings.

The Herbalist is now standing at the East of the Altar as Herophant inductor, and she continues with this following prayer:

Lord of the universe, the vast and the mighty one,
ruler of the light and of the darkness,
we adore thee and we invoke thee.
Look with favour upon this Plant Preparation before thee,
and grant thine aid unto the higher properties of its soul
so that it may prove to be a true and faithful servant of health and well-being,
Unto the glory of thy ineffable name. Amen.

The Jar is then exposed to the rays of the sun at dawn for 5 minutes, each morning for the following week, and it is taken back to the laboratory, rolled, and placed inside the Altar. This should be done preferably when the Sun is strongly positioned in the Zodiac according to Planetary Exultation first, then Ruler-ship, but never when he is in the first 18 degrees of Scorpio, and not at all when he is in Libra, Capricornus, or Aquarius.

Q - The Jar is again placed upon the white triangle upon the Altar. Let her place down the Wand, and raising the herbal preparation into the air, say:

Arise herein to action, O ye forces of the Light Divine.

It is replaced upon the Altar, and the Lotus Wand is taken up again by the correct band of the day-house of the Planet.

The Herbalist says:

Inheritor of a dying world, I call thee to the living beauty.
Wanderer in the wild darkness, I call thee to the gentle light.
Child of Earth, long hast thou dwelt in darkness, quit the night and seek the day.

She stomps once, then taking the Lotus Wand by the White Band, she says:

I formulate in thee, the invoked forces of Light.
Khabs Am Pekht, Konx Om Pax, Light in extension.

It is now stored in the Altar for another day, and rolled the following evening.

R - Holding the Lotus Wand by the White Band, the Herbalist draws over the seal of the Jar the symbol of the Flaming Sword as if it is descending into the mixture. Then let him place the Jar at the East of the Altar, and then placed between the Pillars.

Child of earth, (Common name of herb, flower or root, and full Latin Name) I preserve and tincture thou finally.

The tincture is then turned on its side and rolled so that the bubbles will rise to the surface. It is then put in the cupboard for another day.

S – The Herbalist then Circumambulates three times with the Jar, and it is again placed in the North.

T – The Lamens each of the Outer Order Officers are silently presented to the Jar, in the same order as they are mentioned in the Herophant's speech.

U – Place a flashing tablet of each of the four elements upon the Altar. Check the preparation for quality, opening it and examining the contents that the herb has diffused its oils and juices into the alcohol. 151 proof is best for this as it starts out as a clear liquid, and darkens as it takes on the properties of a tincture. If it is ready, then the herb is then separated from the tincture, and the receiver containing the distillate is now to be placed between the Air and Water Tablets, and the Jar with the Plant Matter is between the Fire and Earth Tablets. If it needs to steep longer, it may be placed in the closet and rolled daily for another week or two. When the correct planetary day returns, the ritual commences.

Let the Herbalist perform the SIRP of the correct element, or if the tincture is a herb that has more general purposes and properties, then all four elements are now invoked using the elemental weapons, and not the Lotus Wand.

V – Let the mixture sit in a cupboard for the remainder of the week. The Herbalist shall then remove the Elemental tablets, and place one of Kether upon the Altar, and return the Jars to the same positions as before.

This tablet is white with golden charges, and is to be placed in the centre of the Altar, under the triangle. She then invokes the forces of Kether, as follows, and makes over each vessel the symbol of the Flaming Sword.

W - The tincture is now bottled in its final dark glass bottle or bottles. They should be a thick, dark glass, stoppered tightly, and labelled correctly with the name of the tincture, and the date made.

X – The final portion of the work is the Solitary O = O Closing Ceremony.