Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition
No. 23, Vol. 3. Autumnal Equinox 2012

Giant Cockroaches

In these days many strange and horrible species shall evolve, the likes of which have not been seen since the beginning of time.

And there was a massive earthquake.  So mighty and so powerful was this quake that the earth was literally turned on its side like a giant gyroscope.

And up from out of the cracks in the crust of the earth came billions of giant fiery-red cockroaches the size of rats with many long antenna-like legs and huge deadly pinchers.  And they went about devouring everything in their path until the earth was left a barren wasteland.

So the armies of the world gathered together to make war with the cockroaches.  And they went about with swords and sickles beheading the giant insects by the hundreds.

But they lived on even after they were beheaded for seven days and devoured their enemies from the inside out.

And the world's war machines were no match for these demonic creatures.

And the armies of the world could find no oasis to escape this terrible blight and were trampled to death.

And I saw a spectacular golden angel wrapped in scarlet robes riding on a cloud.

And with a sharp spear in one hand, he made the sign of the cross with the other as he descended to the earth.

And he thrust his spear into the core of the earth and I watched as the giant cockroaches retreated back into the pit of hell from where they came and were swallowed up.

And the angel cried with a loud voice:

"King of Kings, Lord of Lords,

your saints have earned their just rewards.

With battled horses and sharpened swords,

they've come to slay the hellish hordes."