Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition
No. 2, Vernal Equinox 2002


J. S. Kupperman

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Alex Sumner

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Soror L.

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Frater L.

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Soror Q. S.

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Soror L.
J. S. Kupperman

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AeonAurora, Rawn Clark, J. S. Kupperman, Su Leybourne, Alex Sumner

The Cover Art:
by J. S. Kupperman

"After 120 years, I will open." Thus read the plaque on the newly found door to C.R.C.'s tomb. The heptagon around the plaque represents the tomb itself. The Fama stated that the date the vault was erected was placed under after the opening quote, instead we now have the entier history of the Rosicrucian Order.

Editorial: What of Rosicrucianism Today?
by J. S. Kupperman

How do today's Rosicrucian societies stand up to the ideals of the Fama?

Inside the Tomb of Christian Rosencreutz
by Alex Sumner

A discussion about the Vault of the Adepti and the mythos of C.R.C.

An Interview with Pat Zalewski
by J. S. Kupperman
An e-interview with noted Golden Dawn author, Pat Zalewski.

Can "A O Spare"-Sigils be used in Golden Dawn Magic?
by Alex Sumner

The application of Spare's sigils through the R.R. et A.C.'s Z formula.

Famous Figures in the Western Mystery Tradition, Part Three:
Franz Bardon

by Rawn Clark
The life and work of this important magician, mystic and author.

The Neophyte - AeonAurora
The Spinners of Diamond Light - Su Leybourne

Book Reviews
A Rosicrucian Notebook - Alex Sumner

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